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2015 Virtual Fossil Museum Chronology

Some ongoing work:

Trying to keep up with the scientific literature is both laborious, and expensive given, the cost of access to scientific journals, especially paleontological journals. Fortunately, major developments appear in the high impact journals like Nature and Science, which are also more rigorously peer reviewed and reliable. Nonetheless, new finding that generate a lot of excitement are soon in dispute (often for a very long time), and ultimately denied by yet newer research findings. One finds in the literature that there are a great deal of inconsistencies, especially with respect to when certain life forms appear in the fossil record, and even the taxonomic placement of fossils. In so many cases, a consensus simply does not exist (not that scientists in disagreement take a democratic vote on the matter). In a recent review of the Virtual Fossil Museum we found a lot of inconsistencies with regard to geologic of evolutionary milestones. Generally speaking, these inconsistencies are commensurate with the literature. We also found that the same and even worse date conflicts are abundant in Wikipedia. Nonetheless, we keep trying, so the Paleobiology page is being constantly revised. In November, 2015 we began a new page titled: Evolution of Life Forms - Evolutionary New Appearances. We are hoping this page will help us keep more current and consistent, by filing reference notes, and where we can give date ranged where consensus is not immediately and well known. It may take a long time to complete this work.

Other ungoing new pages or updates: Chelicerata and Arachnida Evolution Class Trilobita Anomalocarids and Anomalocaris Michael's Evolutionary Biology Anecdotes

November 2016

Bondonella szduyi Early Cambrian Redlichiida Trilobite from Morocco

December 2015

Evolution of Camouflage and Stealth

November 2015

Michael's anecdotes of evolution page
Marlena's eclectic fossils page

November 2015

Margaretia dorus Fossil Algae from Wheeler Shale Formation
Yuknessia Cambrian Explosion Hemichordate Fossil from Utah
Rare Cycadeoidea Jurassic Cycad Tree Trunk from Morrison Formation
Fuxianhuia protensa Arthropod Death Assemblage from Chengjiang
Scientific Illustrations of Ernst Haeckel update
Kingdom Plantae Tree of Life update
Fossil Crinoids from Crawfordsville, Indiana update
Lobopodia Update
Rare Anomalocaris Oral Disc from Cambrian Utah
Enigmatic Castericystis vali Carpoid Fossil from Marjum Formation
Rhenocystis Enigmatic Devonian Carpoid Fossil from Bundenbach
Carpoid Evolution
Trilobite of the Month: Walliserops trifurcatus, a Devonian Phacopid Trilobite Evolutionary Enigma

June through October 2015

After a decade and a half, it finally happened, we over wrote some files, including this page listing new and changed pages. Multiple people working on the same website has its hazards, and its really not worth trying to reconstract.

May 2015

Mesolimulus walchi Horseshoe Crab Fossil from the famous Solnhofen Lagerstätte
Live Horseshoe Crabs
Ostracoda Scientific Illustration
Muscinae Scientific Illustration by Ernst Haeckel
Scientific Illustrations of Ernst Haeckel
Osteolepis macrolepidotus Devonian Fossil Fish Tetrapod Ancestor from Scotland
Alalcomenaeus Opabinid Arthropod from Maotianshan Shales
Rare Primicaris larvaformis Chengjiang Biota Arthropod - May 2015 Fossils of the Month
Praying Mantis and Other Insects in Fossil Amber

April 2015

Rare Primicaris larvaformis Chengjiang Biota Arthropod - April 2015 Fossil of the Month
Rare Proceratocephala Ordovician Odontopleurid Trilobite - April 2015 Trilobite of the Month
Stunning Fire Opal Craspedodiscus Jurassic Ammonite

March 2015

Acanthomeridion serratum Rare Arthropod from Chengjiang Biota
Alalcomenaeus Opabinid Arthropod from Maotianshan Shales

February 2015

Metacanthina issoumourensis Phacopid Moroccan Trilobite - February 2015 Trilobite of the Month
Harpagofututor volsellorhinus Paleozoic Fossil Shark from Bear Gulch Lagerstatte - February 2015 Fossil of the Month
Eusocial Insect Evolution updated

January 2015

Tuzoia Decorated Phyllocarid Fossil from Pioche Shale of Nevada
Dipterus valenciennesi Devonian Lungfish Fossil from Famous Achanarras Slate Quarry of Scotland - a Tetrapod Ancestor
Rhinobatos hakelensis Cretaceous Guitarfish Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte - January 2015 Museum Fossil of the Month
Styletoctopus annae Cretaceous Octopus Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Primitive Silurian Plant Cooksonia Growing on Eurypterus Exoskeleton from New York
Cretaceous Slipper Lobster Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte
Fossil Art
Rhinobatos Guitar Fish Images
Museum Fossils Page 2

Continuing to update Paleobiology across Geologic Time in accordance with more recent literature

Late 2014 Revisions

Styletoctopus annae Cretaceous Octopus Fossil from Lebanese Lagerstatte - December 2014 Museum Fossil of the Month
World’s Largest Known Agnostid Trilobite from Tasmania Grandagnostus
Haeckel  ImageCanadaspis perfecta Arthropod from Burgess Shale
Cretaceous Cordulagomphus Dragonfly Fossil from Brazil's Crato Formation
Museum Mississippian Bear Gulch Fossil Starfish with Many Legs
Exquisitely-Preserved Discoserra Mississippian Bear Gulch Fish Fossil

Male Echinochimaera Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone
Female Echinochimaera Paleozoic Fish Fossil from Bear Gulch Limestone
Superbly Detailed Green River Formation Weevil Insect Fossil
Exotic Cretaceous Lebanese Guitar Fish Fossil

Note: Where text is bolded denotes a fossil or trilobite of the month, past, present or future.

Museum and rare fossils that often have been fossils of the Month

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