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This page contains notes for persons working on VFM development

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Guidelines for content contributors and editors:

  1. Remember, unlike a book, websites are free to improve and grow forever.
  2. Write originally using plain language; when technical terms are used, try to provide a definition for the glossary. Do not worry about grammatical perfection as everything will be edited and corrected in time.
  3. Do strive for scientific accuracy, citing good journals when possible; the webmaster can lend some support in literature searches.
  4. We aim for picture content to drive development of narrative content. Narrative should explain in scientific context the pictures of real fossils.
  5. Contact webmaster for e-mail list
Project List:
Project List:

Tree of Life: Kingdoms Fungi, Chromista, Protista
Expand Phylum Chordata > Dinosauria > Mammalia
Expand Phylum Mollusca > Class Cephalopoda
Phylum Bryozoa

Evolution: Stories of evolution of distinct taxa; Speciation; Sex and alleles; punctuated equilibrium
New Galleries: Living Fossils; Nevada Trilobites; Ichnofossils

Site development resources:
The Fossil Mall has given the museum unrestricted to access to their content. It is an extensive website. To locate specific fossils, it is best to start at the index of fossils for sale, and also see the Trilobites for Sale page. I also have a link of archived items not on their website. E-mail their webmaster for requests for images. Links are not required, and therefore they cannot be broken.
Galleries in Development:

Development Priority - populalate these tables - make nominations (the goal is diversity across phyla and ability to highlight and link to key evolutionary events and extinctions)

Robert at Educational Fossils offers to donate fossil kits for us to give away in exchange for teachers developing lesson plans to post on the site.

Complete literature review for Chengjiang species list  
Fill out Chondrichthyes & Actinopterygii

Fish Fossils (e-mail John)

Fossil Amber Utah Trilobites (e-mail Roger & Robert)
Waiting on pictures from Lu
FM Dinosaur and Reptile Fossils
Pangaea Dinosaur Teeth Eggs and Claws
Moroccan Trilobites (e-mail John)
Tree of Life - next in queu: Echinodermata; Plantae; Crustacea; Mullusca; Fish (simplified only)  More Moroccan Trilobites we can use
More Moroccan Trilobites FM Fossil Amber (e-mail Marlene/John)
See Trilobite Jam FM Ammonites and Goniatites (e-mail John to do large images of selection & Gwynn for Goniatites) 
Mammalian Fossil Pictures  Tethys Ocean Fossils
Sharks and Rays E-mail Mark and Dan D.
Liaoning Fossils Have some pictures from Chinese university contact - they need research
Chengjiang Fossils Have some pictures from Chinese university contact - they need research
Sections in Development:
Sections in Revision:
Fossil Worms Paleobiology (Precambrian - MG; Paleozoic - JA; Mesozoic & Cenozoic - RP)
Evolution - The evolutionary arms race - examples among trilobite Geological History (Precambrian - MG; Paleozoic - JA; Mesozoic & Cenozoic - RP)
Next Planned Sections:
A walk through Geological History (html and PowerPoint) Waiting on pictures from the Damrow collection
Finishing off Green River Waiting on rare fish from Rick Hebdon
Kansas Chalk Fossils Mazon Creek Fossil Locality (Photos DD)