This page presents various short discussions relating to the origin, evolution and diversity of life. Most postings below are summaries of reletively recent publications from the more prestigious scientific journals, most notably the journal Science and the journal Nature. When possible, references will provide links to citation in PubMed, the public version of MedLine. Otherwise, Science and Nature are held by most public libraries.


Castorocauda lutrasimilis, a beaver like Jurassic Mammal with Fur from Mongolia in China (2/23/ 2006)

Repenomamus, the Lower Cretaceous mammal that ate dinosurs for breakfast (1/12/2005)

Triassic-Jurassic Extinction - new evidence of bolide impact (5/30/02)

Mid-Carboniferous tetrapod in Romer's Gap (7/5/02)

Oldest Hominid Revisited, enter Toumai of Chad, a.k.a., Sahelanthropus tchadensis (7/11/02)

The "early-bird" that ate seeds, Jeholornis prima from the Cretaceous of China (7/25/2002)

In the Beginning

The Big Bang(10/30/00) "from such humble beginnings"

Genesis, revisited (9/25/01) "regarding the so-called primordial soup"

Creation Science and Intelligent Design, The Ultimate and Pentultimate Oxymorons
Paleontologist Gregory Paul Presents Data Very Hard to Refute


From Chimp to Human - Comparing the human and chimpanzee genomes

Newly-Announced Archaeopteryx Specimen Shows Closer Affinity With Dinosaurs

Evolutionary Placement of the Enigmatic Carpoids

The Oldest Homo sapien Fossils Omo I and Omo II

The oldest fossils, revisited, an update

Microscopic organisms, the final frontier (6/12/01) "no warp engine required"

The first time that what went around came around (10/15/00) "a qui pro quo with bacteria"

Modern molecular phylogenetics (7//6/99) "Is there a tree of life?"

Chengjiang Deuterostomes - a putative new common ancestor

Gunflint Stromatolites


GAIA Theory "A very pretty theory, that is hardly new age"

Amber versus Copal from Colombia (5/28/02)

Molecular clocks push back to origin of animals

The fossil record - online