Rare and Museum Fossils



Hesslerella shermani Fossil
Eoentantiornis buhleri Fossil Bird
Pseudocidaris mammosa  Echinoid Fossil
Coccoderma Coelacanth
Hesslerella shermani Isopod Fossil
(oldest isopod in fossil record)
Pit 11, Mazon Creek, Illinois
Courtesy Bill Kephart
Eoentantiornis buhleri
Fossil Bird with Feathers
Lower Cretaceous
Jiufotang Formation, Liaoning Province, China
Courtesy Fan Qian
Pseudocidaris mammosa Echinoid
LaRochelle, France
Courtesy Mary Lou Browning
Styletoctopus annae Cretaceous Octopus Fossil
Phyllograptus archaios Graptolites
Palaeolagus Rabbit Fossils
Eurypterus remipes
Phyllograptus archaios Graptolites
Lower Ordovician
Fillmore Formation, Utah
Courtesy Robert Drachuk
Eurypterus remipes

Bertie Group, New York
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