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Marlena (a nom de plume) has contributed to the Virtual Fossil Museum since inception with images, writings and editing. She holds a doctorate in psychology, but her knowledge and interests are eclectic. She a self-admitted humanist, anti-creationist, evolutionist, and a strong proponent of women’s rights, and really much more. She also confesses to a belief that effective teaching needs to use rhetorical tools such as those for which Mark Twain is famed, that is, irony, sarcasm, sardonism and so forth. She believes that facetious remarks and jokes convey meaning that people will remember, and possibly evoke critical thinking, a skill that she believes is atrophying in this too-much-information-age. As for non-critical thinkers, sociopathic CEO’s, many politicians, fundamentalist religions, and particularly creationists, she reserves scorn and ridicule, without remorse. It seems that personality disorders abound among humans, with part nurture and part nature etiologies, and that they are mostly incurable. She is also a half-hearted blogger, and the VFM has agreed to post some of her wit (mainly the tamer stuff), believing it will spice up the site, and further our shared goal of fostering critical thinking. We will name her page eclectic fossils. In turn, she’s agreed to assist in creating some education content and PowerPoint slides, and generally help build some content for educators. In the meantime, you can surely visit her Tumblr blog, aptly named Eclectic Irony.

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