Parvancorina minchami Putative Vendian Arthropod

Parvancorina minchami

Phylum: Arthropoda (?)

Geological Time: Vendian (about 555 mya)

Size: 8 mm wide

Fossil Locality: White Sea Coast, Russia

Parvancorina minchami  Vendian FossilThis Parvancorina minchami is a Vendian animal ichnofossil from the White Sea coast in Russia that closely resembles fauna from the lower through middle Cambrian. As such, it supports the appearance of arthropods during or before the Ediacaran. Some impressions suggest there were about 10 biramous legs. There also appears to be affinity for Burgessia, an arthropod from the Burgess Shale, as well as apparent similarity to arthropods from the Kaili biota in China.

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