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Fossils of the Precambrian Nama Group, Namibia

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Ediacaran Cloudina FossilThe Nama Group fossils occur Namibia and Oman in thrombolitic facies of immense Proterozoic stromatolitic reefs that date to some 549 to 542 million years ago, thus corresponding to the Late Ediacaran. These organism and Cloudina are the oldest known evidence in the fossil record of the emergence of calcified skeletal formation in metazoans, a cloudinaprominent feature in animals appearing later in the Early Cambrian. Namacalathus and cloudina fossil assemblages occur. Namacalathus and claudina assemblages are known from Namibia, Canada, Oman, and Siberia. Among the late Precambrian fossil assemblage in the Nama group, Namibia, Namacalathus far outnumber Cloudina and other poorly preserved taxa and ichnofossils found in the formation. Namacalathus lived a benthic existence with its stalk attached to the sea floor or possibly to algal mats growing on the reef surface

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