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Trilobites of the Pioche Formation

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The Pioche Formation has a large Trilobite fauna, including lower Cambrian Ollenelids.

Trilobite Fossils of the Pioche Formation

Grassy Spring Member (Albertella Biozone):

Albertella fritzi (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Albertella highlandensis (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Albertella schenki (Resser, 1945)
Albertellina aspinosa (Palmer, 1979)
Albertelloides kitai (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Albertelloides rectimarginatus (Palmer, 1979)
Albertelloides cf. rectimarginatus (Palmer, 1979)
Amecephalites sundbergi (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Delamarina brevispinaspis (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Kootenia cf. crassinucha (Fritz, 1968)
Mexicaspis cf. difuntosensis (Lochman, 1948)
Mexicella granulata (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Mexicella mexicana (Lochman, 1948)
Mexicella stator (Walcott, 1916)
Nyella granosa (Resser, 1939)
Nyella immoderata (Palmer, 1979)
Olenoides maladensis (Resser, 1939)
Onchocephalites sp.
Pachyaspis sp. undet.
Pagetia resseri (Kobayashi, 1943)
Panacus palmeri (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Paralbertella sp. undet.
Plagiura minor (Palmer, 1979)
Poliella denticulata (Rasetti, 1951)
Poliella germana (Resser, 1939)
Poliella cf. germana (Resser, 1939)
Ptarmiganoides hexacantha (Palmer, 1979
Ptarmiganoides propinqua (Resser, 1939)
Ptarmiganoides? sp.
Ursinella major (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Volocephalina connexa (Palmer, 1979)
Volocephalina variosa (Eddy and McCollum, 1998)
Zacanthoides sp.

Log Cabin Member

Amecephalus sp. unident.
Eokochaspis cabinensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Fieldaspis celer (Walcott, 1917)
Fieldaspis superba (Rasetti, 1951
Kochaspis liliana (Walcott, 1886)
Kochiella augusta (Walcott, 1886)
Kochiella brevaspis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Kochiella maxeyi (Rasetti, 1951)
Kochiellina janglensis (Palmer, 1979)
Hadrocephalites lyndonensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Hadrocephalites rhytidodes (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Hadrocephalites sp. A (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Hadrocephalites sp. B (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Mexicella mexicana (Lochman, 1948)
Nyella? plana (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Oryctocephalus primus (Walcott, 1886)
Oryctocephalus sp. unident.
Parapoulsenia cf. lata (Rasetti, 1957)
Piochella peasleensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Plagiura extensa (Palmer, 1979)
Poliella ovala (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Poliella cf. prima (Walcott, 1908)
Poliellaites gloriosa (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Stephenaspis highlandensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Syspacephalus sp. unident.

Susan Duster Limestone Member

Amecephalus arrojosensis (Lochman, 1952)
Caborcella reducta (Palmer, 1979)
Fieldaspis bilobata (Rasetti, 1951)
Hadrocephalites rhytidodes (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Kochiella brevaspis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Kochiella rasettii (Sundberg and McCollum, 2002)
Mexicella robusta (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Nyella plana (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003)
Nyella rara (Rasetti, 1951)
Onchocephalites sp. (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003a)
Oryctocephalus sp. (Sundberg and McCollum, 2003a)
Poliella denticulata (Rasetti, 1951)
Poliella lomataspis (Palmer, 1979)
Syspacephalus crassus (Rasetti, 1951)

Comet Shale Member

Amecephalus arrojosensis (Lochman, 1952)
Amecephalus sp. A (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Eokochaspis delamarensis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Eokochaspis longspina (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Eokochaspis nodosa (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Eokochaspis piochensis (Palmer, 1979)
Kochina? walcotti (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Mexicella antelopea (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Mexicella robusta (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Oryctocephalites rasettii (Sundberg and McCollum, 1997)

Combined Metals Member

Bathynotus holopygus (Hall, 1859)
Bolbolenellus brevispinus (Palmer, 1998)
Crassifimbra walcotti (Resser, 1937)
Eokochapis metalaspis (Sundberg and McCollum, 2000)
Nephrolenellus geniculatus (Palmer, 1998)
Nephrolenellus multinodus (Palmer, 1979)
Olenellus chiefensis (Palmer, 1998)
Olenellus fowleri (Palmer, 1998)
Olenellus gilberti (Meek, 1874)
Olenellus howelli (Meek, 1874)
Olenellus terminatus (Palmer, 1998)
Oryctocephalites palmeri (Sundberg and McCollum, 1997)
Zacanthopsis levis (Walcott, 1886)
Zacanthopsis n. sp.

Delamar Member

Bristolia bristolensis (Resser, 1928)
Bristolia harringtoni (Lieberman, 1999)
Bristolia insolens (Resser, 1928)
Bristolia mohavensis (Resser, 1928)
Mesonacis n. sp.
?Nephrolenellus n. sp.
Olenellus clarki (Resser, 1928)
Olenellus fremonti Walcott, 1910
Olenellus nevadensis (Walcott, 1910)
Peachella iddingsi (Walcott, 1884)
Peachella n. sp.

This faunal list is restricted to the Pioche Shale exposed in Lincoln County, Nevada, and was compiled by Linda B. McCollum, Geology Department, Eastern Washington University, from both published and unpublished sources. For more information and a complete faunal list of all taxa, please visit Dr. Linda B. McCollum: Lower-Middle Cambrian Boundary Research, southern Great Basin and south China. Dr. McCollum's extensive Pioche Shale faunal list.

Campbell Ranch Section, East-Central Nevada:

Olenellus Zone:
Antagmus arenosus
Bonnia copia
Crassifimbra walcotti
Olenellus gilberti
Onchocephalus papulus
Paedeumias sp.
Syspacephalus cf. uncus
Syspacephalus sp.
Zacanthoides levis

Albertella Zone:
Achlysopsis hemitora
Albertella eiloiys
Albertella judithi
Albertella lata
Albertelloides mischi
Albertelloides pandispinata
Albertelloides sp.
Alokistocare alta
Amecephalus laticaudum
Bythicheilus sp.
Caborcella clinolimbata
Caborcella granosa
Chancia venusta
Kootenia aculacauda
Kootenia brevispina
Kootenia convoluta
Kootenia crassa
Kootenia crassinucha;
Ogygopsis sp.
Olenoides steptoensis
Oryctocephalites typicalis
Oryctocephalus maladensis
Oryctocephalus cf.primus
Pachyaspis gallagari
Pachyaspis longa
Pagetia clytia
Pagetia maladensis
Pagetia resseri
Poliella denticulata
Poliella germana
Poliella leipalox
Ptarmiganoides araneicauda,
Ptarmiganoides lepida?
Ptarmiganoides sp.
Spencia quadrata
Zacanthoides sp.

Glossopleura Zone:

Achlysopsis liokata
Amecephalus laticaudum
Athabaskia sp.
Bathyuriscus petalus
Corynexochides prolatus
Caborcella sp.
Glossopleura sp.1
Glossopleura sp.2;
Kistocare campbellensis
Kootenia crassa
Kootenia sp.
Olenoides sp.
Pagetia arenosa
Pagetia maladensis
Pagetia mucrogena
Zacanthoides demissus


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