Bradoriid Kunmingella douvillei Arthropod Fossils
Chengjiang Death Assemblage

Kunmingella douvillei

Phylum Arthropoda

Geological Time: Early Cambrian (~525 million years ago)

Size: 3-5 mm long on a 32 mm by 28 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Chengjiang Maotianshan Shale, Quiongzhusi Section, Yu’anshan Member, Heilinpu Formation, Anning, Yunnan Province, China

Kunmingella douvillei arthropod fossilsDescription: This plaque contains a half dozen examples Kunmingellaof a tiny bivalved arthropod known as Kunnmingella. The conjoined valves are often preserved in “butterfly” fashion as are these. Some 240 members of this unique Bradoriid have been described. They are yet another example of the diverse life forms that make up what is known as the Chengjiang Biota.

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