Lepidodendron Bark Section of Clubmoss Tree

Lepidodendron mannabachense

Division Lycopodiophyta, Class Isoetopsida, Order Lepidodendrales, Family Lepidodendraceae

Geological Time: Mississippian (325 million years old)

Size: 150 mm by 60 mm

Fossil Site: Gliwice, Poland

LepidodendronLepidodendron is the name given to a giant Lycopod or scale tree which formed an important part of the coal swamps of the late Carboniferous which grew to heights in excess of 40 meters. The extinct genus of primitive, vascular plants were related to the Lycopsids (club mosses) and are sometimes called giant club mosses. They thrived during the Carboniferous period.

This specimen is from a rarely-seen location, and is excellently preserved. The leaf scars make it easy to see how the name scale tree was derived. This thick section even allows you to see some of the interior structure as well (notice the upper right-hand corner and the reverse side).

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