Detailed Permian Glossopteris Leaf

Name: Glossopteris sp.

Plantae Division Pteridospermatophyta, Order Glossopteridales

Geological Time: Late Permian

Size: 95 mm x 52 m

Fossil Site: Illawarra Coal Measures, Dunedoo, New South Wales, Australia

Permian Glossopteris fossilGlossopteris sp leaves are a widespread fossil, but are difficult to assign by species because of Glossopteristhe wide variety of venation patterns and morphology. They are found throughout what was once Gondwnana, another support for continental drift. The genus derives its name from the green words for tongue and fern. They favored a swamp[y habitat, and some had leaves up to a meter in length. The leaves have only rarely ever been found attached to braches, but the restoration here is of one that had a tree-like habit. Few Glossopteris leaves have been found in strata younger than the Permian, a time that closed with the greatest of all mass extinctions on the planet. The leaf is well contrasted by the matrix, making for a fine display piece.

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