Superb Ginkgo Fossil from Jurassic of United Kingdom

Ginkgo huttoni

Division Ginkgophyta

Geological Time: Middle Jurassic Bathonian Stage

Size: Leafs: 50 mm by 50 mm, 40 mm by 35 mm

Fossil Site: Lower Long Nab Member, Scalby Formation, Scalby Ness, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Description: This plaque displays examples of leaves from a Ginkgo tree from the Jurassic deposits of the Scalby Formation with fine preservational details. The fan-shaped leaves of most members are quite distinctive. Gingko biloba is the only extant member. The deeper brown color of the plant matter contrasts well with the lighter matrix, bringing out the detail. The larger example is mostly the mold formed after the leaf material has been lost. It is unusual for sandstone such as this to preserve plant detail with such fidelity.

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Ginkgo Fossil

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