Class Chondrichthyes
(Ray and Shark Fish Fossils)

Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata

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Acanthodes gracilis
Early Permian
Rockenhausen, Germany
Paratriakis curtirostris Fossil Shark Cannibalism
Haqel, Lebanon

Palaeospondylus gunni
An Enimatic Larval Fish
Middle Devonian
Achanarras Slate Quarry, Scotland

Heliobatis radians
(Common name; stingray or skate)
Green River Formation, Wyoming.
Charcharodon megalodon
Charcharodon megalodon shark's tooth (3.6 inches) from the Bone Valley phosphate beds in Central Florida, Middle Eocene to Lower Pliocene. Charcharodon megalodon is believed by some scientists to have been the largest predator to ever exist on earth ranging up to 100 feet in length.
Rhinobatos hakelensis, an exotic Cretaceous Guitar Fish Fossil from the sublithographic limestone deposits of Haqel, Lebanon
Limestone matrix with 34 teeth from same shark, Lamna aschersoni, from the Eocene-age phosphate beds in Morocco.