Dickinsonia costata Vendian Fossil from White Sea

Dickinsonia costata

Phylum Annelida (?), Class Polychaeta (?)

Also seen: Kingdom Incertae sedis, Phylum Vendozoa (?), Class Proarticulata, Order Dipleurozoa, Family Dickinsoniidae

Geological Time: Precambrian, Vendian (600 Million Years Old)

Size: 18 mm across

Fossil Site: White Sea Summer Coast, Archangelsk , Russia

Dickinsonia costataDickinsonians are known from Vendian strata of the Ediacara Hills of in south Australia and White Sea Region of north Russia. Most often Dickinsonia is considered to be an annelid worm because of its apparent similarity to Spinther, an genus of extant worms of Class Polychaeta. Other workers, however, consider Dickinsonia to be a cnidarian polyp.

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