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Fossils of Liaoning Province,
Peoples Republic of China (Home of the Feathered Dinosaur)

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Far and away, the hottest spot on earth for Paleontology is China. According to the January 12, 2001 issue of the prestigious journal Science, "Paleontologists are flocking to China, which has beefed up its support of the field to take advantage of troves of superbly preserved specimens". Fossils unearthed in Western Liaoning Province, for example, may help end one of the most high-powered debates in paleontology--whether birds evolved from dinosaurs."

What is know Liaoning Province in northeastern China, 120 million years ago was forested lakesides filled with diverse wildlife. Nearby active volcanoes would periodically erupt, sending clouds of poisonous gas and ash into the air, and killing anything in the way. The gas killed any living thing and the dead were sometimes covered with a fine powder of volcanic ash, protecting their bodies, and enabling preservation in great detail.

Phenomenal finds in the past few years in Liaoning include Liaoxiornis delicates, the smallest bird known from the Mesozoic, and Hyphalosaurus sinohydrosaurus (Nature 401, 262, 1999) a long-necked diapid reptile. The famous feathered dinosaur, Confuciusornis sanctus, was described in 1995 from three partial skeletons, but Chinese workers have discovered many new and complete specimens that show almost all aspects of the skeletal anatomy and much of the plumage. Then there is Protopteryx fengningensis (Science: Volume 290, Number 5498, Issue of 8 Dec 2000, pp. 1955-1959). Many more are cued for description in the literature.

Dinosaurs (Avian and Non Avian) and Reptiles
Pterosaur Fossil Sinopterus gui
Lower Cretaceous,
Jiufotang Formation
Lower Cretaceous, Barremian Stage
Yixian Formation

Cathayornis yandica Fossil Bird
Jiufotang Formation
Eoentantiornis buhleri Fossil Bird
Jiufotang Formation

Invertebrate Fossils
Sinaeshcnidia cancellosa
Dragonfly (Order: Odonata); Family Aschnidiidae
Habrohagla curtivenata
Order: Orthoptera
Family Haglidae (Cicada)
Incredible 121 mm long
Order: Orthoptera
Wasp (Order: Hymenoptera)
Lacewing (Order: Neuroptera)
22 mm bee fossil (Order: Hymenoptera)
Robberfly (Order: Diptera; Family: Asilidae)
Cicada (Order: Homoptera)
21 mm cockroach (Order: Blattodea)
Order: Hemiptera
Family Miridae (Plant Bug)
16 mm long
Dobsonfly (Order: Neuroptera; Family: Corydalidae)
Other Liaoning Fossils