Fossil Insects from Liaoning China

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Insect Fossils from the Liaoning China Lagerstatte

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Fossils of Liaoning China

The Class Insecta is well represented in Liaoning and Hebei Provinces of China, with over 500 species referable to over 100 families based upon over 10,000 specimens. This fantastic diversity and exquisite detail is unprecedented throughout the world. The formation is Lower Cretaceous (about 125 million years ago.

Hemiptera: Miridae (18 mm Plant Bug)

Lepidoptera (with wingspan more than two inches)

Exquisitely preserved 28 mm Lacewing
Plecoptera: Miridae (16 mm Stonefly)
Dictyoptera: Blattodea (cockroach)
Mecoptera (scorpionfly)
Orthoptera; Family: Haglidae
Habrohagla curtivenata
Grasshopper kin
Orthoptera: Cticket, 21 mm with antennae
Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)