Guanshan Fauna

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Guanshan Fauna of Yunnan Province, China - "Another Window to the Cambrian Explosion"

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Guangweicaris  from GuanshanThe Early Cambrian (~525 million years ago) Guanshan Fauna is slightly younger than animals from the Chengjiang Biota, and older than animals from the Kaili Fauna and Amplectobeluathe Burgess Shale Fauna. Like the Chengjiang Fauna, soft-tissue preservation is prevalent, and like Chengjiang the faunal assemblage comprises a rich diversity of arthropods, trilobites, Tuzoia, Vetulicola, Paleoscolex, as well as brachiopods and sponges. The discovery and research of this fauna is of great significance in furthering scientific understading of the Cambrian Explosion and the evolution of early life. Additionally, the occurrence of vetulicoliids from the Guanshan Fauna not only adds new members to the taxon, but also adds new data to study the evolution of this enigmatic group.