Reedops deckeri trilobite from Oklahoma with Crystal Eyes

Reedops deckeri

Trilobites, Trilobite Order Phacopida, Suborder Phacopina, Superfamily Phacopoidea Family Phacopidae

Geological Time: Lower Devonian

Size: 60 mm

Fossil Site: Haragan Formation, Coal County, Oklahoma

Reedops deckeriReedops deckeri is one of the two least common phacopid trilobites (Order: Phacopida; Suborder: Phacopina; Superfamily: Phacopoidea; Family: Phacopidae) occuring in the Lower Devonian strata of Oklahoma. This specimen is very large for the species. This example has been meticulously prepared with modern equipment. It is mounted in an interesting life-like manner. Note the superb schizochroal compound eyes for which phacopid trilobites are famous.

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