Exceptional Kettneraspis and Huntonia Trilobite Association

Trilobites Kettneraspis williamsi (Order Lichida; Family Odontopleuridae) with Huntonia sp. (Order Phacopida; Family Dalmanitidae)

Geological Time : Lower Devonian

Size: Kettneraspis: 22 mm long; Huntonia cepahlon: 24 mm long by 30 mm wide

Fossil Site: Haragan Formation, Coal County, Clarita, Oklahoma

Kettneraspis williamsiDescription: This is an association of two finely preserved trilobites.Kettneraspis williamsi is a member of the Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae, with dramatically displayed genal spines with minute Huntoniasubspines, a feature not often preserved intact. One of the reasons for the fine preservation is the fact that this trilobite was prepared by Bob Carroll, a world-renowned preparator of Oklahoma Devonian trilobites. Even the tiny nodes of spines on the pleural lobes can be seen. The other is a partial trilobite, a 24 by 30 mm section of a cephalon of Huntonia. This is a natural association, rare is the Haragan formation.

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