Rare Ceratonurus Trilobite from Oklahoma

Ceratonurus sp.

Trilobites Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae

Geologic Time: Lower Devonian

Size: 27 mm

Fossil Site: Haragan Formation, Coal County, Oklahoma

Ceratonurus TrilobiteThis trilobite is a member of the Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae, with dramatically-displayed genal and occipital spines that have been meticulously prepared in a free-standing manner. This specimen is extremely inflated and exhibits wonderful detail. The long, flowing pleural spines quite complete, and are beautifully showcased. Even the delicate fringes of the free cheeks and tail are intact. The caramel-colored trilobite contrasts strikingly with the light-colored matrix, an artfully sculpted block of natural limestone. This is a very complete example of one of the most sought-after trilobites from Oklahoma. It had a counterpart in the roughly contemporaneous Moroccan Devonian seas.

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