Asaphus laticaudatus Russian Trilobite

Asaphus laticaudatus

Class Trilobita; Order Asaphida; Superfamily Asaphoidea; Family Asaphidae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician

Size: 78 mm

Fossil Site: Russian Trilobites, Asery level, St. Petersburg region, Wolchow river, Russia

Asaphus laticaudatus Coming from the Middle Ordovician Asery Level deposits near Saint Petersburg, Russia, this is a rarely-seen trilobite known as Asaphus laticaudatus, betrayed as such by the "widebody" appearance. Laticaudatus means "wide-tailed". This trilobite was a descendant of Asaphus applanatus that took on a wider body aspect; a second branch led to those that developed higher eyestalks, of which Asaphus kotlukovi was a representative. Notice the fine terracing found on the pygidium.

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