Hallucigenia Lobopod from Utah

Hallucigenia sp. aff. sparsa

Phylum Onychophora, Family Hallucigeniidae (Conway Morris, 1977)

Geological Time: Upper Middle Cambrian

Size: 13 mm long

Fossil Site: Wheeler Shale Formation, Millard County, Utahi

HallucigeniaThis is a fine partial specimen of one of the most sought-after Burgess Shale type creatures: Hallucigenia. The genus is better known from the actual Burgess Shale of Canada, but a very few specimens have also been found in Utah and the older Chengjiang Biota. This one consists of the posterior most portion of the animal, with several of spines (a complete one has 7 pairs) and the hint of the gut tract. Were it complete, it would be priced several times as much. Nevertheless, it is the second such specimen I have seen in the last 7 years, and a most rare example of the life forms from the Cambrian Explosion of Utah. It is seen here with several examples of the trilobite Elrathia kingii.

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