Perfectly Preserved Deanaspis goldfussi Czech Trilobite

Deanaspis goldfussi

Trilobite Order Asaphida, Superfamily Trinucleoidea, Family Trinucleidae

Geological Time: Ordovician

Size: 10 mm

Fossil Site: Letenske Formation, Letna, Czech Republic

Deanaspis Czech TrilobiteThis is a perfectly preserved and nicely inflated trilobite from the unusual family Trinucleidae. It is but one of some 1300 described species of Barrandian trilobites, an amazing statistic when you consider the area collected is only a few hundred square miles. Bohemia is the historical name given to the area of central Czech Republic where these many species are found. Barrandian trilobites refer to the trilobite fauna found here. The term comes from the seminal work done by J. Barrande (1799-1883) who spent over half his life describing these trilobites and helping establish the science of paleontology. He himself described over 300 species. Bohemian trilobites are found in the Middle, and Upper Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian Periods.

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