Paradoxides Trilobite from Cambrian Morocco

Name: Acadoparadoxides

Trilobites, Order Redlichiida, Suborder Redlichiina, Superfamily Paradoxidoidea, Family Paradoxididae, Subfamily Paradoxidinae

Geologic Time: Middle Cambrian

Size: 25 inches

Fossil Site: Sahara Desert, Morocco

ParadoxidesThis trilobite is colloquially called Paradoxides, and is a member of the Order Redlichiida, Family Paradoxididae. It comes from an unidentified Cambrian locality in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. This specimen is some 90% real, with restoration mainly on the genal spines. This is as good as they get. The so-called Paradoxides of Morocco is probably the world’s most prevalent fake fossils, albeit, the fakes are very impressive.

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