Exceedingly Rare Eofallotaspis, Oldest Trilobite of Laurentia

Eofallotaspis sp.

Trilobites Order Relichiida, Family Fallotaspidoidea (other assignments are found)

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian

Size: 12 mm

Fossil Site: Waucobean Series, Montezuman Stage of the Fallotaspis Biozone of the Campito Formation, Esmeralda County, Nevada

This is an exceedingly rare trilobite, and the second oldest trilobite species ever discovered on the ancient continent of Laurentia. It is, in effect, the oldest complete trilobite genus ever discovered in the USA. Eofallotaspis is believed to be the ancestor of Eoredlichia andRare Eofallotaspis Trilobite the Redlichiidae. The oldest is believed by trilobite workers to be Repinaella, but a complete specimen has yet to be discovered. This Eofallotaspis has been recently discovered and described by Hollingsworth in 2005. A mere handful have ever been collected. The trilobite itself was professionally prepared with air abrasion. It is well preserved, inflated and complete. The tip of the pygidium is slightly folded under.

Hollingsworth, JW, (2005 The earliest occurrence of trilobites and brachiopods in the Cambrian of Laurentia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 220, Issues 1-2, 2, 153-165.

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