“Johnny” Spiny Albertella longwelli Trilobite

Albertella longwelli

(Palmer in Palmer and Halley, 1979)

Trilobite Order Corynexochida, Family Zacanhoididae

Geological Time: Middle Cambrian

Size: Trilobite is 42 mm long

Fossil Site: Jangle Limestone, Carrara Formation, “Johnny site”, Pahrump, Nevada

Albertella longwelliDescription: Amongst the most collectable of Nevada trilobites are Albertella longwelli. They are dazzling in their spiny flamboyance. Long spines project from the cephalon, large macropleural 3rd segment thoratics and pygidium.

This trilobite comes from the famous “Johnny” site, outside of Pahrump, Nevada. Generally the Albertellas are one inch or smaller. This one, at 42 mm, is amongst the largest and most exquisitely preserved ever collected from this site. A second very petite Albertella is located off of the right top portion of the genal spine.

Reference: Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 72, No. 5, Sep., 1998

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