Sigillariostrobus rhombibracteatus Cone of Clubmoss Tree

Name: Sigillariostrobus rhombibracteatus

Geological Time: Carbonierous, Westphalian B, Duckmantian Stage

Size: Cone - 55 mm by 10 mm; Nodule - 61 mm X 35 mm

Fossil Site: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Sigillariostrobus rhombibracteatusSigilliaria is the name given to a giant Lycopod or scale tree which formed an important part of the coal swamps of the late Carboniferous which grew to heights in excess of 30 meters. They differed from the Leidodendron in having leaf scars arranged in straight rows. This specimen is known as Sigillariastrobus, a term given to the cones of the giant. They differ from Lepidostobus, the cones of Lepidodendron, in that they grew in clusters further back on the branches while those of Lepidodendron grew singly at the very tips of the branches.

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