Seed Fern Fossil from Long Closed Locality in Nova Scotia

Name: Alethopteris valida
Tracheophyta (Pteriodophyllophyta); Class: Pteriodphylleae; Order: Pteridophyllales; Family: Alethopterides; Alethopteris valida

Geological Time: Pennsylvannian

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): Plate: 9.3 by 9.7 inches; Fern: 5.6 inches long

Fossil Site: Forence Mine Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia Province, Canada

The genus Alethopteris is among the seed ferns (Pteridospermales), an extinct group of gymnosperms. Although their foliage resembled that of modern ferns, they reproduced by means of seeds. This specimen was collected some 30 years ago in a Nova Scotia, Canada at a site long since unavaliable for collecting.

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