Very Rare Australian Starfish Fossil

Australaster giganteus

Echinodermata, Asteroidea, Pustulosida

Geological Time: Upper Silurian, Middle Ludlovian Stage (~430 Million years ago)

Size: 25 mm diameter

Fossil Site: Humevale Formation, Clonbinane Sandstone Member, Clonbinane, Victoria, Australia

Australaster Starfish FossilThis is a well preserved specimen of a member of the Asteroidea, or the True Sea Stars. The Silurian deposits of the region are famous for the quality of preservation of invertebrate fossils, with this fine Echinoderm testimony to the degree of preservation often attained. The Brittlestars and True Sea Stars shared a common ancestor in the Ordovician. Intact starfish specimens are quite uncommon in the fossil record because they often disintegrate quickly. The colors are entirely natural, and make for a most pleasing display of this superb fossil.

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