Caleidocrinus Ordovician Crinoid with Attached Stem

Name: Caleidocrinus multiramus

Phylum Echinodermata; Subphylum Crinozoa; Class Crinoidea; Order Cladida

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician (~460 million years ago)

Size: Crown: 11 mm long by 6 mm wide Stem: 31 mm on a 55 mm by 80 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Zahohany, Czech Republic

Caleidocrinus Ordovician CrinoidDescription: The crinoid is a fine example of an Inadunate crinoid (Family Iocrinidae) known as Caleidocrinus multiramis from the Ordovician of the Czech Republic. Preservation on this specimen is remarkable.

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