Fossil Amber with Two Jumping Spiders

Spiders and Insects in Fossil Amber

Phylum Arthropoda; Subphylum Chelicerata; Class Arachnida; Order Araneae; Family Salticidae

and, Class Insecta; Orders Hymenoptera & Diptera

Geological Time: Pliocene to Pleistocene

Size: Amber 37 mm long , 33 mm across, 8.1 grams

Fossil Site: Andean Uplift Region, Andes Mountains, Colombia

Salticidae - jumping spedersThis fossil amber displays a pair of Jumping Spiders some 5 mm and 3 mm in length. They are members of the Family Salticidae, a name derived from saltere (to jump). They sneak up on their prey, then pounce, earning them the name Jumping Spiders. They are accompanied by a tiny wasp and a dark-winged fungus gnat. Spiders are usually found where there are insects, such as here as inclusions in fossil amber.

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