Pliocene Italian Pipefish Fossil Syngnathus acus

Syngnathus acus Pipefish Fossil

Class Actinopterygii, Order Syngnathiformes, Family Syngnathidae, Subfamily Syngnathinae

Geological Time: Lower Pliocene

Size: 184 mm in length

Fossil Site: Marecchia River Formation, Poggio Berni, Rimimini Province, Italy

Syngnathiformes Pipefish FossilThis is a fine specimen of an extinct fish from order Syngnathiformes. Pipefish is the common name whose derivation is quite evident. The tubular mouth shows that these members of the Syngnathiformes fed on small Crustaceans and such, much as their modern day relatives Seahorses and Pipefishes. The genus is still extant today, found in in subtropical and tropical waters in various parts of the world. This is a great representative example of this rarely-offered taxon. Fish fossils at the site are commonly found similarly aligned, suggesting post-mortem positioning by undersea currents in their depositional environment.

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