Amiiformes Triassic Fossil Fish Nodule From Madagascar

Name: Parasemionotus labordei

Phylum Chordata; Class Actinopterygii; Subclass Neopterygii; Order Amiiformes (or Parasemionotiformes); Family Parasemionotidae

Geological Time: Lower Triassic (~240 m.y.a.)

Size: 75 mm long Matrix: 48 mm by 83 mm

Fossil Site: Ambilobe, Madagascar

Triassic Fossil FishThis fish has been the subject of much debate by some advocates of creationism. It has been ascribed by them to the lungfishes, but is currently believed to be allied with the bowfins (Amiiformes). Whatever the case, it is a well-preserved specimen found here in an Early Tertiary nodule form Madagascar. Specimens are rarely so complete. Notice the delicate fin rays and regular pattern of the scales. This one is missing only the distal portion of the caudal fin, a fine example of a genus that went extinct during the early Triassic.

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