Rare Fossil Seahorse Hippocampus ramulosus

Hippocampus ramulosus (Fossil Seahorse)

Class Actinopterygii, Subclass Neopterygii, Infraclass Teleostei, Order Syngnathiformes, Family Syngnathidae, Subfamily Hippocampinae

Geological Time: Lower Pliocene

Size: Fossil is 124 mm in length

Fossil Site: Marecchia River Formation, Poggio Berni, Rimimini Province, Italy

Hippocampus seahorse fossilDescription: This is a fine example of an extinct seahorse. The tubular mouth shows that these members of the Syngnathiformes fed on small Crustaceans and such, much as their modern-day relatives Seahorses and Pipefishes. The genus is still extant today, living in subtropical and tropical waters in various parts of the world.

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