Cretaceous ammonite from Fox Hills Formation

Sphenodiscus lenticulares

Phylum Mollusca; Class Cephalopoda; Subclass Ammonoidea; Order Ammonitida

Geological Time: Upper Cretaceous

Size: Matrix measures 110 mm across. The ammonite measures 68 mm

Fossil Site: Fox Hills Formation, South Dakota

This Upper Cretaceous specimen is a superb specimen of Shenodiscus lenticulares. It comes from the U.S. badlands, Fox Hills formation, South Dakota. The collector was also the preparator in this case and took great pride in this work of art. Truly a wonderful display specimen, not polished, but rather revealing all intricate aspects of Nature's design. Shenodiscus lenticulares is considered to have been a fast swimmer.

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