Rare Pair: Raphiophorid Silurian Trilobites from UK

Name: Raphiophorus parvulus (Trilobites)

Class Trilobita; Trilobite Order Asaphida, Family Raphiophoridae

Geological Time: Upper Silurian Ludlow Series

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 17 mm long by 10 mm wide and 8 mm long by 7 mm wide (including spines) on a 35 mm by 75 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Raphiophorid Silurian Trilobites from UKDescription: Example of a pair of members of the Order Asaphida, Family Raphiophoridae, this one is Raphiophorus parvulus. Much of the genal and rostral spines are preserved, a feature shared with Ampyx, Cnemidopyge, and several other trinucleids. Spine preservation is quite rare, made even more uncommon that we have an associated pair. The Raphiophoridae were true “survivors’, being the only trinucleoids to survive into the Silurian. At Upper Silurian age, this taxon was one of the last of its type.

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