Rare Platyscutellum Moroccan Trilobite With Axial Spines

Platyscutellum sp.

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Suborder Illaenina, Superfamily Illaenoidea, Family Styginidae

Geologic Time: Devonian

Size: 46 mm long

Fossil Site: Hamar Laghdad, Zerg, Morocco

PlatyscutellumDescription: Here is a rarely seen trilobite: A member of the Order Corynexochida, Family Thysanopeltidae from the Hamar Laghdad Formation Devonian deposits of Zerg, Morocco. It is Platyscutellum, and is distinguished from Scutellum by the ribbing of the pygidium. The diagnostic feature is the row of axial spines, not seen in other relatives. This one is well-displayed upon its matrix platform, and is quite 3-D in aspect. Notice the may fine holochroal eye facets. Holochrocal have a very dense packing of small facets with a single corneal layer covering all lenses. In living arthropods compound eyes are very sensitive to motion. It is presumed that these were as well, affording a good warning of the approach of would-be predators.

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