Complete Modocia weeksensis Trilobite from Cambrian Utah

Name: Modocia weeksensis (Trilobites)

Class Trilobita, Trilobite Order Ptychopariida, Family Marumiidae

Geological Time: Upper Middle Cambrian

Size: Modocia: 27 mm long by 18 mm across on a 90 mm by 75 mm matrixx

Fossil Site: Weeks Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah

ModociaThis plaque displays a complete example of a trilobite of the Order Ptychopariida, known as Modocia weeksensis. It is easy to see where the species derives its name. They are typically found missing the genals, and as such are mostly molts. This specimen is well-inflated with tightly-attached genals.

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