Kolihapeltis Trilobite from Morocco with Dramatic Spines

Name: Kolihapeltis chlupaci hollardi

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Family Scutellidae

Geologic Time: Middle Devonian

Size: 35 mm

Fossil Site: Laatchana, Morocco

Kolihapeltis chlupaci hollardiDescription: A spectacular example of a member of the Order Corynexochida, Family Scutellidae with dramatic cephalic and ocular spines present, this one is Kolihapeltis chlupaci hollardi. While it is indeed a scutellid, it differs from others in the family by virtue of the cephalic and occipital spines. This is a superb example of this sought-after species. Extensive preparation work goes into freestanding the scimitar-shaped cephalic spines, shown here to good advantage arched over the thorax. This one is in an attractive reflexed position showing the trilobite to best effect with a pleasing natural coloration.

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