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After a period of stasis, The Virtual Fossil Museum (VFM) is radiating. Equilibrium is being punctuated by a plethora of selective pressures, not the least of which is an eclectic coterie of contributors. Amateurs and pros, doctors and sanitary engineers have put the lonely webmaster months behind the content. Natural selection will also result in metamorphosis of some sections, and evolutionary convergence of styles in other sections.

A constancy will be the ever-growing inventory of fine pictures of fine fossils that even the makers of this site drool over. Moreover, based on popular request, actually perpetual prodigious numbers of requests, the VFM added a large image section during 2005, and will continue to get and add large images whenever possible.

We also decided, since we are after all a grass roots and ad hoc undertaking by an all-volunteer consortium, to let most sections be available as they are being built, revised, edited and augmented; this makes the site easier to build and edit, when all can see it as it evolves.

Over the last six months of 2005, the VFM had nearly 3000 visits per day during weekdays, some two-thirds from students from elementary school, high school, and undergraduate college, as best can be determined from the server statistics data. The website is integrated into curricula at many schools. As of early January, 2006, there were images of more than 400 fossils awaiting addition to the site; thus, 2006 will be another year of growth for the VFM.

Cheers - the Webmaster

Here's a list of the fossil museum contributors:

Fan Qian
Takara Kagawa
Paul Kirkland
Mike and Gwynn Shafer
Ben Logan
George Ast
Jake Skabelund
Carl Mink
Eugene Jones
Bob Carrol
Dan Damrow, paleontologist
Peter Watson
Weida Tong, Ph.D.
Glen and Barb Rockers
Joe Aronson
Jan Roach
John Adamek
Robert Drachuk
Arkadiy Alexandrovich, paleontologist
Mary Lou Browning
Kendall Parks
Rick and Tanya Hebdon
Kong Li, Ph. D.
Hans Zumwald

Lillian Fang
Marlene Garo
Sam Gon III, Ph.D.
Richard Kurkewicz
Bill Kephart
Ramblin Ralph Cooper, Geologist
Aponi T.
Sue Cramer

Angela Partek
Shirasu Sukaira
Minghua Lu
Dr. Alexei Kouprianov, Entomologist

Dan Sheehan, Ph.D.
Michael Shippert
Steve Lancelotti
Mark Lancelotti
Dave Comfort
Alf Behrens, Geologist
Fu Mao
Carl Rouse
Robert E. Woodruff, Ph.D., Taxonomist Emeritus

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