Solnhofen Leptolepides sprattiformis Mass Mortality Plate

Leptolepides sprattiformis

Phylum Chordata, Class Osteichthyes, Subclass Actinopterygii, Infraclass Teleosti, Order Leptolepiformes, Family Leptolepididae

Geological Time: Late Jurassic, Kimmeridgian Stage

Size: 50 to 62 mm

Fossil Site: Solnhofen Limestone, Eichscatt, Germany

Description: A most displayable multi-plate with 7 well-preserved individuals and about 5 more incomplete. Leptolepides are common from Solnhofen, but like the Knightia mortality plates from the Green River Fm. of Wyoming, are very desirable. The genus already shows all the characteristics of the true bony fishes, and may represent the early stages of the developmental route towards herrings of the Clupeiformes, the Order to which Knightia belongs.

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