Undescribed Emeraldella with Preserved Soft Tissue

Emeraldella sp

Phylum Arthropoda (Basal), Superclass Lamellipedia (sensu Hou & Bergström, 1997 - (Trilobitomorpha), Emeraldellidae

Geological Time: Early Middle Cambrian, (~525 million years ago)

Size: Fossil is 15 mm long

Fossil Site: Comet Shale Member, Pioche Formation, Lincoln County, Nevada

RARE Emeraldella Fossil with Soft TissueDescription: This unusual specimen has trilobitomorph features, and has as yet not been described in the literature. It is thought to have affinities with the Burgess Shale genus Emeraldella, and is quite detailed, Emeraldella artpreserved here in dorsolateral aspect. Notice that the pointed telson is present. It comes from the Comet Shale Member of the Pioche Formation of Nevada. This deposit spans the transition of Early to Middle Cambrian which saw the extinction of the Olenellid trilobites. It is just younger than the comparable material from the Chengjiana Biota of Yunnan Province, China and just older than the Burgess Shale Fauna of British Columbia, Canada. The specimens are often somewhat faint, as here.

Hou & Bergström, 1997: Arthropods of the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang fauna, southwest China. --Fossils & Strata, Number 45, 22nd December 1997, pp. 1-116
Briggs D.E.G., and R.A. Robison. 1984. Exceptionally preserved non trilobite arthropods and Anomalocaris from the Middle Cambrian of Utah. University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions, Paper 111:1-24.

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