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Messel Pit, an Eocene Lagerstatte of Germany

Messel Pit Fossil Fauna and Flora

Messel Oil Shales History and Taphonomy

Messel Fossils Preparation

Messel Fossils

Messelornis cristata
Palaeochiropteryx Messel Bat Fossil
Allaeochelys crassesculptata Messel Turtle Fossil
Amphiperca multiformis fossil fish from Messel
Messelornis cristata
Messel Bird Fossil

Order Gruiformes
Family Messelornithidae
Palaeochiropteryx tupaiodon Messel Bat
Order Chiroptera
Family Archaeonycterididae
Allaeochelys crassesculptata Messel Turtle
Order Testudines
Family Carettochelyidae
Amphiperca multiformis Messel Fish Fossil
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes