Ptychagnostus akanthodes Utah Blind Trilobite

Name: Ptchagnostus akanthodes (Trilobites)

Class Trilobita; Order Agnostida, Family Ptychagnostidae

Geological Time: Cambrian

Size: 5 mm

Fossil Site: Marjum Formation, House Range, Millard County, Utah

Ptychagnostus akanthodesDescription: Coming from the Cambrian Marjum Formation deposits of Millard County Utah this is an example of the trilobite Ptychagnostus akanthodes. The members of the Agnostida are mostly thought to have been planktonic in nature. Most are blind, and have a pygidium equal in size to the cephalon (ispopygous), making it hard to tell which end was which! It is remarkably detailed for such a tiny specimen, and fully articulated.

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