Rare and Unusual Cambrian Trilobite Olenoides nevadensis

Olenoides nevadensis

Trilobites, Order Corynexochida, Suborder Corynexochina, Superfamily Corynexochoidea, Family: Dorypygidae

Geological Time: Late, Lower Cambrian

Size: 50 mm on 90 by 90 matrix

Fossil Site: Marjam Formation, House Range, Milliard County, Utah

Olenoides nevadensis TrilobiteOlenoides nevadensis is at once very rare and more spinous than most Cambrian trilobites, as can be seen by the needle-like axial spines and similar pygidial spines. While from a formation (Marjam Formation, Milliard County, Utah) that yields abundant trilobites, you very seldom see this species. This specimen, at 50 mm, is both large and much better preserved than most, with the axial spines in high relief.

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