Peachella brevasina Bazaar & Exceedingly Rare Trilobite

Name: Peachella brevasina (after Palmer)

Trilobita, Trilobite Order Redlichiida, Suborder Olenellina, Family Olenellidae

Geologic Time: Late, Lower Cambrian

Size: 35 mm on 55 by 45 matrix

Fossil Site: Cararra Formation, Echo Shale Member, Immigrant Pass, Nopah Range, Inyo County, California

Peachella brevasina is not only exceedingly rare, but has an exceeding bazzar morphology, as the pictures will attest. The Lower Cambrian was a time that most trilobites had yet through natural selection to acquire truly unusual features, but Peachella seems the exception. Particularly different are the genal and axial spines, and the rather bulbous cephalon. Peachella is only known from a legendary site in Immigrant Pass in California.

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