Calymene clavicula Silurian Trilobite

Name: Calymene clavicula

Class Trilobita, Order Phacopida; Suborder Calymenina, Superfamily Calymenoidea, Family Calymenidae

Geologic Time: Silurian

Size: 47 mm

Fossil Site: Henryhouse Formation, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

Calymene clavicula Oklahoma Silurian TrilobiteCalymene clavicula is a Calymenid trilobite (Order: Phacopida; Family: Calymenidae) coming from the Silurian Henryhouse Formation strata of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. As such, it is substantially older than the Devonian material for which Oklahoma is famous.

Also see: Oklahoma Trilobites

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