Breviphillipsia sampsoni Mississippian Trilobite from Missouri

Name: Breviphillipsia sampsoni (Trilobite Order Proetida; Superfamily: Proetoidea; Family: Phillipsiidae)

Age: Mississippian

Size (25.4mm=1 inch): 14 mm on 77 by 72 mm matrix

Location: Chouteau Formation in Saline County, Missouri

Breviphillipsia sampsoni Mississippian TrilobiteBy the Carboniferous trilobites, the lone surviving trilobite Order was Proetida, and in a general sense all Carboniferous trilobites are relatively rare. Among these "last of the trilobites" is Breviphillipsia sampsoni (Superfamily: Proetoidea; Family: Phillipsiidae) from the Mississippian Chouteau Formation in Saline County, Missouri. A defining characteristic of sampsoni is the granulous exoskeleton extending from cephalon to pygidium, as is evident in the close-up pictures.

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