Uncommon Triarthrus eatoni Trilobite from Ontario

Triarthrus eatoni

Trilobites Order Ptychopariida, Suborder Olenina, Family Olenidae, Subfamily Triarthrinae

Geological Time: Upper Ordovician

Size: 28 mm

Fossil Site: Eastview Formation, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

Triarthrus eatoni TrilobiteDescription: A nicely preserved trilobite that is 3D and with excellent presence. Most of the pygidium is either tucked under or missing.It is the last of the Olenid trilobites, which flourished in the Cambrian period. The genus Triarthrus have also been found in New York with soft body parts presevered in iron pyrite, thus provding a rare chance to examine trilobite gills, walking legs, antennae and digestive system.

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