Olenellus schucherti Trilobite from Canada

Olenellus schucherti

(Resser & Howell, 1938)

Class Trilobita; Trilobite Order Redlichiida; Suborder Olenellina; Family Olenellidae

Geological Time: Lower Cambrian

Size: 41 mm

Fossil Site: Eager formation near Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

Olenellus schuchertiA product of the Cambrian explosion, the suborder Olenellina is morphologically diverse and constitutes a major suborder within the Order Redlichiida. There are more than 50 genera and subgenera that are an important basis for stratigraphic subdivision in Lower Cambrian rocks. Importantly, members of Olenellina rank among the earliest trilobites in Cambrian statigraphy. Morphologically primitive, its evolutionary origin from Precambrian, segmented worms (if you subscribe to this hypothesis) is evident. Here we have Olenellus schucherti. It comes from the Lower Cambrian, Eager formation near Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada.

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